An introduction of Shree krishna manav sanchetna sewa foundation trust

The foundation is established by h.h.aacharya shree Amitabh ji maharaj with the unconditional support of his disciples to propagate the valuable humanitarian ideals and concepts according to Indian upanishadik chain of thought. According to maharaj ji the philanthropic work must be multidimensional. We have to provide standard positive education to nurture value system for the better development of our responsible future citizens and at the same time we have to do at our level best to provide medicines, food, shelter and other basic amenities to down trodden- suffering humanity. The foundation is continuously doing its effort to serve in this regard. In various pockets foundation is working as usual. Foundation has its own concept to establish an exclusive structure under which both type of objects as stated above will be easily manageable. Foundation is trying to get recognition as a universal hub for those who are interested to do something for humanity but have not proper medium to do so. Foundation can assure all humanitarian donors that funds provided by them will be invested appropriately to serve these social objectives. So foundation is seeking continues support from all walks of social strata for the fulfillment of these pious objectives

Aacharya Shree Amitabh ji Maharaj
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