Introduction of Dr.Devi Prasad Gaur Prachya Vidya Anusandhan Sansthan(regd

Dr.DPGPVAShas been established in the memory of Param bhagavata revered guru Dr.Devi Prasad gaur ji maharaj renowned mystical spiritualist-astrologist and first rate scoler.The organization is persistently preserving to attain the great objectives of revered guru. The basic area of work is to accelerate philanthropic-social cause and upliftment of Oriental sciences including astrology, To make possible proper commentaries and studies of original scriptures. Many times international/national conferences on Oriental Astrological aspects including latest one on 18th of December at Allahabad organized by institute. Social work like community kitchen {Bhandara} for needful persons-virtually open for all. Organization provides medical help free of cost in the form of first rate medicines and appropriate doctoral advice, distribution of woolen clothes, garments also managed by organization. These activities are continuing for more than a month uninterruptedly in a month of Magh mela at Allahabad which is confluence (sangam) of Ganga, Yamuna and sarasvati. With the pious guidance of h.h.aacharya shree Amitabh ji maharaj organization is trying to execute these activities in other time frame and places also. Sometimes institute is trying to provide scholarships for needful students. Huge resources are required to fulfill this horrendous task. So you may be fortunate one whose donation may remove the tears of someone unknown. Humanity is the biggest religion indeed.

Aacharya Shree Amitabh ji Maharaj
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