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An introduction to
H.H Prampujya Vaishnav Aacharya Shree Amitabh ji Maharaj

(A). His holiness Vaishnav Aacharya Shree Amitabh ji Maharaj is a renowned figure in the sphere of Hindu religion (sanatan dharma).He is remarkable orator. Through the lucid and contemporary explanation of the verses of Srimad Bhagavata (a widely acclaimed sacred Hindu scripture) Maharajshree intends to impart the original and valuable traits of Hindu social and religious philosophy upon those people who are suffering from worldly problems and seeking spiritual relief. His Srimad Bhagavata saptaha katha (religious discourse on the above mentioned sacred book) is continuously being organized in various parts of India by his devoted disciples and many persons benefited from it.
Maharaj shree is also known for his remarkable human value based discourses on srimad Valmekiya Ramayana of Maharishi Valmeki which is one of the oldest Hindu scripture and immortal epoch of Bhagavan Shree Ram.

Aacharya Shree Amitabh ji Maharaj




A simple and decent personality holder Parma pujya Maharajshree is a jewel in the tradition of Vaishnava parampara of Bhagavan Shree Radha Krishna bhakti(devotion).He is internally, spiritually related with and have roots in Vrindavan - Mathura (India) Which is play ground of Shree Radha- Krishna. Manava sewa Madhava sewa is his central theme. Many philanthropic works goes to his credit like community kitchen (Bhandara) management, to provide medical help free of cost, cloth distribution, student's welfare etc. through the medium of esteemed charitable organizations established by him with the support of his committed disciples. He is always intended to spend maximum of his earnings on these activities especially at the time of Magh and Kumbh mela at Allahabad- the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna, Sarasvati. For the fulfillment of his object of social services and upliftment of Oriental sciences, expansion of human values, the Hindu organizations, Individuals and groups can invite him and organize Srimad Bhagavata saptaha katha etc. of Maharajshree in India and abroad who is Indian passport holder.
Interested devoties.krishna bhakts can contact.

(B). Astrological expertise
Param pujya Aacharya shree Amitabh ji maharaj is a multi dimensional figure. He is renowned Oriental Astrologist also who has innovative and research oriented attitude towards those problems that are because of unbalanced planetary combinations and because of past karma lies in ones horoscope.Thousends of persons have Solis and joy of freeness from their problems with the guidance of Maharajshree's skills and experience in the field of Mystical Spiritual Astrology. Because of h.h.'s spiritual back ground he is more able to solve the complicated and psychological problems also. Along with other areas of predictions he has exclusive say in Medical Astrology like progeny, abortions, miscarriage and determination of problems in lower abdominal portion and so long so forth. He has spatiality's specifically in the field of Propitiation (upachar paddhati) to dilute malefic influences of different planets and at the same time to accelerate good effects lies in one's horoscope. Various thought provoking articles goes to his credit. An Almanac (panchanga) is made and distributed by him free of cost in India and abroad merely to regenerate the interest in astrology and old Hindu traditions among the masses.
An eminent religious personality and renowned Astrologer Sant Vaishnava Aacharya shree Amitabh ji maharaj is always prepared to shower his grace upon persons in spiritual-material need. He has religious and intellectual influence and has so many disciples to generate the true Socio Religious cause propounded by him.

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